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Innovative Interior Designers & Decorators in Bangalore

Residential Interior Design

Commercial Interior Design

Appartment & Villa Interior Design

Excellent Residential interior decorator

Being a residential interior designer, we take pride in delivering unique and timeless residential interior designs.
Our aim is to create residential interiors that is comfortable
and luxurious as per one’s own taste and has a distinct ‘homely’ feeling to it .

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Innovative Commercial Design in Bangalore

Creating a better working environment for your people and business is our key motto while designing office interiors. We deliver innovative and inspiring office designs. which innovates the workplace and encourage employee’s engagement driving talent, greater connectivity and productivity.

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Appartment & Villa Design & Decor Bangalore

We Parimal Praroop, strive to create designs that have a positive impact on people and places. We stretch the boundaries of what is sustainable, equitable and relevant. and how people interact with it; keep exploring materials and new ways to use them.

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Our Process

  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Install
This is the first stage of the design process where we understand clients’ needs and requirement of the complete project. We believe the process of creation is built on foundation of trust and an open conversation about your needs. During this phase, we will meet on site with you to discuss project, goals, and needs for the space. We will collect as much as necessary information as possible in regard to your space, discuss budget and timelines of the project.
After receiving necessary information, we will start working on planning, presentation, and develop a concept tailored to you needs.We deliver design concepts for you which becomes the framework for all your design decision. The concept phase is the inspiration portion of the interior design project, this is where weroadmap to follow next designing phase. Once you have approved the concept we begin quickly to move in a direction to make it happen.
Having established our name as one of the most distinguished interior and design service, the spaces crafted by us are singular in their own way. We design commercial properties, residential properties, hospitalities, office, entertainment centres etc of all types and magnitudes. We are capable of translating every single idea and every single whim of our clients in the best possible manner to deliver a space that is a prized possession for us as well as them.
We do our best to give you a realistic idea of how long your project completion will take. As the furniture & décor begins to arrive, the delivery and installation take places and your designs comes to life. While waiting for the final day may require patience, the payoff is incredible, as your see your space transformed, turning your vision into a reality project.

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